My Favorites

My favorite things is a listing of all the things I’ve found that work and make my life easier. It’s taken years of trying what doesn’t work but when I do find a product I love I have to share it! After all these years I’ve tried many products such as protein powders, meal prep containers, gyms, fitness apparel, and more. The products I’ve listed here are the ones I believe in 100%, have been using myself for years, and highly recommend.


Ok, so I love shopping but I have the hardest time finding jeans that fit and creating a style that feels like me. I love having things in my closet that fit and make me feel like I have some style. Stitch Fix has been my go-to over the last few years to create a collection of clothes in my closet that does both of those things. These pictures below are just a few of my favorite pieces they have sent me so far. Click here to shop:


Hair Products I’m Obsessed Over


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When it comes to the stock market and investing for the first time it can be scary. This past year I made it a goal of mine to learn more about stocks and start investing. Stash has been super easy to use and has resources that allow me to learn about stocks as I invest. I put a little bit of money in my Stash account every week so it acts as a savings account but I’m making more money than a typical saving account when my investments do well.

Meal Prep

My Meal Prep Containers & Kitchen Essentials

Sugar Paper Planner

sugar paper planner