Leadership Development

Kennedy Leadership Academy


“Everyone deserves a great leader.”


Put the focus back on each individual in your organization and watch the transformation happen! 

Companies need to start thinking like a personal trainer, someone who inspires, motivates, and take their clients on a personalized journey to fit what they need to reach their goals.  Everyone needs a coach, someone to guide them to their goals, and show them the way.  Your employees are the heart of your organization, and they all have different needs, desires, and wants in their life.  If you start seeing the people of your company as individuals and focus on what their needs are you will start to see a culture of happy, engaged, and motivated people excited to come to work.

The LAK method is a system that looks at 7 areas of an organization to determine what the overall weaknesses are, that are most likely causing disengaged employees and high turnover.  It puts the focus back on what matters, the employee (you know the people doing the work that will get you where you want to go in the future;)).

Transformational Leadership: Coined back in 1973 to describe leaders who β€œseek to change existing thoughts, techniques and goals for better results and the greater good,” transformational leadership is a style of management that centers on systemic, long-term improvements affected by leaders who achieve results via empathetic, mutually trustful relationships with their team members.