Creating Strength Podcast

creating strength the podcast

The Creating Strength Podcast was designed for those of us striving to be our best every day & those who are striving to help others be their best every day.

Hi, my name is Lauren Kennedy and I’m a Sales Training professional, mom of 2 girls, wife, and Midwestern girl obsessed with helping you achieve more. I’ve spent 15 years in the health & fitness world, helping hundreds of women achieve their goals.

This next chapter of life I am still helping others achieve their goals just in a different arena. I’ve created this podcast for those of us in the Training & Development world where we get to help others achieve their goals but we can’t forget to do the same for ourselves.

Come along with me on this journey, as I interview professionals in talent development, training, sales, and even fitness to help you be your best and pass that along to those you work with. You’ll also get solo episodes devoted to areas of facilitation, personal branding, business ownership, and of course health & fitness.

If your are wanting to: ~

~Learn how to become a Training Professional.

~Learn about Sales Enablement.

~Learn how to Sell.

~Learn how to create more engaging presentation/training whether it’s virtual or live.

~Understand the mindset and strategies it takes to gain strength and confidence in your career.

~Gain tips and tricks to perform at your best. Then, hit + and listen to the Creating Strength Podcast!

004: 2 Strategies You Need to Overcome Anxiety
In episode 004 I explore the topic of anxiety and how it relates to the stories we tell ourselves. Many of us read into emails, text messages, or the absence of communication and assume the worst. We focus on what could happen or more importantly all …
The Importance of Building Relationships
"It's not about you, it's about everyone else." The biggest mistake you might be making in your career or your business might just be this…… In episode 003 I get to talk to Amber Watts, a Sales Training Manager at Data Axle. Amber talks with me …
Self-Management & How To Take Control of Your Day
How do you feel about emails? In episode number 002 I get the opportunity to talk with Sara Mayer, owner and creator of Sara Mayer Consulting. She is an expert on organizing your hectic days, weeks, months into manageable, and functional chunks of work. This was …
6 Habits to Reach Your Goals in 2021 It's Here! My first podcast episode, I hope you enjoy! Welcome to the Creating Strength podcast, episode number 1.  Do you feel like some days you are just struggling to keep it together like you just don’t feel mentally strong enough to be your very …

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