Creating Strength Blueprint

Launching January 2024!

Are you looking to step into your leadership potential? Wondering how you stop managing and start leading? Whether your goal is that next promotion or you just want to become the best leader you can you’ve come to the right place. The Creating Strength Blueprint is your step-by-step guide that will move you from wondering what it takes to having what it takes!

For over 10 years I transformed lives in my health & fitness biz.  Now I’m determined to transform managers into leaders.  You see, I believe everyone deserves a great leader and a company that values their voice, recognizes their work, and helps them reach their goals inside and outside of work. 

Questions I help you answer:

  • Why should organizations and leaders think like a personal trainer? 
  • How do you transform from a manager to a leader?
  • How do you create psychological safety within your team?
  • What are the steps to creating a learning organization? 
  • What is Transformational Leadership & how will it strengthen your organization? 
  • What strategies do you need to help your trainers stop facilitating & start teaching?