young living essential oils

Health Benefits of Essential Oils

Have you been hearing a lot lately about essential oils? Maybe you keep seeing posts on social media about the health benefits of essential oils. I know that was me a couple of months ago and I feel ready to share one of my secrets I’ve been keeping. At the beginning of the summer I… Continue reading Health Benefits of Essential Oils

habit hand tied extensions

Habit Hand Tied Extensions

My Experience with Habit Hand Tied Extensions Many women have a hard time growing their hair and keeping it healthy. If you are like me you tend to have hair envy, but recently I discovered a secret. All those women giving me hair envy probably had hair extensions! If you are looking for a quick… Continue reading Habit Hand Tied Extensions

Beauty In Strength

Strong women are not born they are created.  Building a culture of youth and teens who are better able to deal with their emotions and life in general is vital .  It is vital in preventing the already too many suicides in our country and it is vital in preparing our children for the world… Continue reading Beauty In Strength

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