Now A Little About Me…..

Hi there and welcome to Aloha Beautiful! My name is Lauren and I’m a mama of 2 beautiful girls, a wife, career-focused, and super passionate about helping other mamas find their confidence again.

Let’s Rewind To 2006

My journey started when I discovered working out as a way to overcome my depression. It was my therapy, a time when I could release every emotion I had on the weights to come out stronger and more confident. The gym was where I met my husband Dan, at the time I was training for my second fitness competition (I had no idea was I was doing ;)).
Dan attended that competition I was training so hard for and I ended qualifying for Ms. Fitness USA in Las Vegas. We took that trip together and when we came back to Nebraska we were engaged!

I Hear Wedding Bells!

Shortly after we were married we started planning to open a boot camp in our community. I had no idea the transformation that was about to happen to me and so many women in the years to come. I opened Ultimate Body Boot Camp in November of 2009 with 4 clients and I was beyond thrilled!

Fast Forward 5 Years

In the time that I ran UBBC, I was able to help hundreds of women redefine their health and fitness. They learned about nutrition, how to workout, and above all else learned how strong they were inside and out. I learned how passionate I was about helping women and helping moms incorporate fitness into their life so they could feel confident again.

Fitness, Figure, and the Competition Spirit

In my 12 years in the fitness industry I found myself competing in over 15 fitness and figure competitions with placings raging from dead last to 2nd place. Those competitions taught me a lot about life and a whole lot about dedication and consistency. With that experience I was able to start online coaching, launch a website, and develop a structure of training that has proven results time and time again.

Let’s Add 2 Little Girls To The Mix

Fast forward to 2016 where we found ourselves owning a hybrid gym and raising my two little girls, who are my world by the way. This is where I refined my process of creating transformational change in my clients. Incorporated a mix of lifting, plyometrics, running, Olympic lifting, and cross-training to get exceptional results.

Change Brings Growth & Opportunity

After all those years in fitness, I felt myself burning out and knew that it was time for a change. As hard as it is to admit to ourselves sometimes facing our fears is exactly what we need in life to experience more growth and opportunity. I wanted that growth and opportunity for my girls, so we sold our gym and moved across Nebraska to Omaha.

Find Your Happiness

Our life looks a little different than it did when we started in the fitness world all those years ago but my passion for helping other women see their true potential will always be there, which is where Aloha Beautiful comes in.

You Are Beautiful & Not Defined By A Number On A Scale

This is the place where I can bring women together, inspire change, and where I hope to encourage you to finally follow through and make those lifestyle changes that seem too difficult.

It is my mission to help overwhelmed mamas struggling with confidence & self-love, understand how to easily incorporate fitness into their life, Crush their goals, & achieve success forever!
I want to provide you with the education you need to successfully incorporate better nutrition and fitness into your life. As moms, we are responsible for so much and wear many hats every day it can be hard to manage, at times it feels impossible.

My Goal

Through this platform, my goal is to help others like me with the knowledge and experiences I’ve gained over the years to let parents know you are not alone and we are in this together.
Thank you for visiting my page and I hope you found something that inspires or educates you. Feel free to comment or message me with your story or what you would like to see covered here. Remember you are strong and beautiful, Aloha!

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