that all or nothing attitude is killing your goals
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That All or Nothing Attitude is Killing Your Goals

Why is it when we start something new it has to be on a Monday? Or when you want to lose weight it has to be an extreme diet? How about when you miss a day at the gym or cheat on your diet, why is it that we allow ourselves to fall off completely? The answer is that all or nothing attitude, it’s killing your goals and making you start over.

that all or nothing attitude is killing your goals
One good decision leads to another.

Are You Always Starting Over?

I remember having this feeling every time I had a new client sign up for my class. It was the feeling of curiousity or maybe it was anxiety, either way I knew the feeling well. You see it happens to all of us, when we start on a journey to a new goal it’s exciting and that carries us for a while. Then you hit a roadblock, a challenge, a setback, something happens.

That feeling I got was from watching others face challenges, either they would continue forward or give up completely. You’ve probably heard the saying when it comes to a hurdle, giving up completely is like getting a flat tire and then slashing the other 3 tires. It’s insanity!

The truth is that having an all or nothing attitude is striving for perfection, which doesn’t exist. When you create a new goal you have to understand that life isn’t going to change, slow down, or get easier because of your decision. It is always up to use to adapt and decide if what we want is something we want bad enough.

This all or nothing attitude is something I believe we need to change. We need to reform the way we think about the changes we want to make and the goals we want to achieve. The way you can change your attitude is by approaching your goals with grace.

Grace is giving yourself room to be human no matter what you are chasing or what gets thrown your way. It’s not enough to create goals we must also think about how we will handle the challenges thrown at us on our journey. If you plan ahead for the hurdles you will face you are more likely to reach your goal.

Write your goals down and then take an honest look at your life and your struggles. Ask yourself, what am I likely to face earlier on and how will I overcome it? Creating new goals is awesome but you must also think about the challenges in order to set yourself up for success.

Success comes from consistency over time so one setback isn’t going to crush all your dreams. However, if you slip and then consciously let yourself slip, again and again, you are negatively changing your path.

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