How To Love Your Body & Never Diet Again
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How To Love Your Body & Never Diet Again

How many diets have you tried in your lifetime? What is the number of workout programs you’ve purchased, started, quit, hated, or loved? What if I told you I had the secret to never dieting again? And what if I told you that it’s possible to actually appreciate your body, even love it! If you want to know how to love your body & never diet again keep reading.

The Secret is in the Magic Formula

The first is learning. What do I mean by that? Well, you’ve probably noticed there is a lot of information out there, in fact, that is a gross understatement. Here’s the good news, I’m here to help you sort through ALL of it.

I started in this biz as a personal trainer, boot camp instructor and over time I realized that I am more of a health educator. You’ve all heard the term personal trainer but what I was really doing was teaching my clients to incorporate realistic tools into their life.


Imagine a life where healthy grocery shopping and meal prep is 2nd nature. Picture teaching your kids about healthy carbohydrates and they are learning by watching what you eat! Imagine looking forward to your workouts & looking forward to shopping for a swimsuit. IMAGINE being able to pass all those diet plans & Facebook ads & never wonder again if that is your fix.

how to love your body & never diet again
Don’t let the scale decide how you are going to feel. A number is just a number, not a definition of who you are.

It is possible! Once you understand what you are doing & know how to make realistic goals while implementing small changes over time it will all click! Let’s dive into how.

Every day feels like information overload, a new fad diet that promises to fix all your problems. A new gym pops up a couple of blocks away with the latest in workout programs or equipment.

It’s seriously overwhelming, but I want you to take a big deep breath……and exhale…..guess what? You didn’t go to school to be a nutritionist or get your bachelor’s in exercise science and that is perfectly ok.

Let’s Simplify Things

I want to simplify this learning process for you. How to love your body & never diet again requires what I call my magic formula. Hint: It’s not e=mc2 🙂 This is actually the 2nd magic formula I’ve created to help simplify the process. Check out the first one here:

The Magic Formula

Understand Your Current Habits + Understanding Your Triggers * Learning What To Eat + Workouts that Fit YOUR Goals & Lifestyle = Life-Long Success & YOU LOVING YOUR BODY

Understand Your Current Habits

For 3 days you need to capture your current routine, doing day in and day out. Be honest with yourself about what your daily routine is. How much you are working out if at all and let me tell you we always overestimate this one. Track what you are eating and be sure you aren’t changing your habits because you are tracking. If you tighten up your nutrition because you are tracking you won’t get a real picture.
The app I recommend is:

Journaling is incredibly important to understanding your current habits.
To understand your current habits you need to track what you are doing for a minimum of 3 days.

Understand Your Triggers

Now this one requires a bit of emotional intelligence. While you are tracking your daily habits for 3 days also take note of your emotions, yup emotions. If you are like me I tend to be stressed a lot and sometimes that leads to a glass of wine or overeating. If you want to feel great and love your body: You must learn your triggers to prevent feeling guilty, by then it’s too late.

Learn What To Eat

This is where things it gets overwhelming. Do you remove carbs and go full-on Keto or just try that clean eating thing you’ve been hearing about? The honest answer is you should find a way to eat that you can see yourself maintaining for 20+ years. You are not going to be able to cut out an entire macronutrient aka carbohydrates for your entire life. While Keto can be a tool, people often fail to understand how to properly reintroduce carbs into their diet. This can lead to an imbalance of hormones and your body holding onto every carbohydrate calorie you feed it.

Workouts That Fit YOUR Lifestyle & YOUR Goals

What activity do you enjoy the most? Swimming, running, biking? Do you need to be around other people to get motivated and need someone yelling at you for an hour? The answer to this one is to find something you enjoy or at the very least don’t hate. If you don’t enjoy your workout on some level you will never be consistent. Consider your workouts an investment in yourself, so if you need to join that gym with the crazy boot camp instructor Do It! One of my personal investments was the NordicTrack bike. This thing leaves me with no excuses and all I have to do is jump on, press start, and choose my workout.

If you are someone who loves to workout at home and doesn’t have much equipment there are a ton of options on Pinterest.

In Conclusion

There you have it! When you put all of these things together you have a formula that guarantees you are on a path to loving your body and never feeling the need to diet again. As with anything it takes time, patience, and work on your part to put the pieces together. Take time out of every day to learn something new about nutrition, a particular food, or how to cook healthy recipes. Good luck with all your lifelong goals and please feel free to reach out if you have questions! Aloha 🙂

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