habit hand tied extensions

Habit Hand Tied Extensions

My Experience with Habit Hand Tied Extensions

Many women have a hard time growing their hair and keeping it healthy. If you are like me you tend to have hair envy, but recently I discovered a secret. All those women giving me hair envy probably had hair extensions!

If you are looking for a quick change in your hairstyle, extensions can be a great option but are often damaging. Recently, I discovered Habit Hand Tied Extensions and started doing my homework. After doing lots of research, reading blogs, scrolling Instagram, and finding a local hairdresser with before and after pics I was sold!

habit hand tied extensions
Habit Hand Tied Extensions After

In the past, I’ve tried glue extensions, tape-in extensions, and clip-ins. Glue is something you should steer clear from the period, tape-ins ripped out my hair and created an allergic reaction, and clips ins I can’t put in every day by myself.

Hand tied extensions are completely different, I am seriously impressed with everything about these extensions from install to removal. These fabulous extensions actually led me to my new hair dresser who is a magician and so incredibly talented, I’m not kidding she is the best!

Let’s talk about the process of getting Habit Hand Tied Extensions.

Step1: Order the Hair

I contacted my hairdresser initially about getting extensions which kicked the process off and she ordered the shade of hair we decided on. It takes a little bit of time to get the hair in and as it turns out there are several brands and styles you can choose from. This part can be overwhelming but I trust my hairdresser completely and went with her recommendation. We then schedule the appointment to install the hair and I paid for the hair then. Paying for the hair, in the beginning, prevents you from having a much bigger bill later on, FYI.

Step 2: Install Hair

These extensions are sewed in and require no glue! The actual install appointment included sewing the extensions in and coloring my hair, all in all, takes about 3-4 hours depending on how fast your stylist is. When she sewed them in there were parts that were uncomfortable but nothing the everyday gal can’t handle. One thing you need to make sure of is that your hairstylist knows how to match the color to the extensions. Lucky for me Brogan is an expert when it comes to blonde color and blending extensions.

Adding the hair..

Step 3: Color/Style/Cut

My hair was not an icy blonde before so we couldn’t go completely platinum when they were first installed and Brogan wanted to make sure they were blended well. Again, I trust her completely and actually let her choose the shade of blonde to go with so everything would turn out well.

Step 4: Learn How To Maintain Your Locks

This is where I also did a ton of research and of course, asked Brogan what products she recommended. One thing you are going to have to learn how to do to have a good experience with extensions is not to wash your hair every day or even every there day! I was a wash your hair everyday kind of gal and this was difficult at first. Once I got used to it was the best thing ever and it was super easy to style my hair. It’s worth noting that my hairdresser only recommended professional quality products, nothing with sulfates in them as they will reduce the quality and longevity of the extensions.


The products I found to be best are listed here:
1. davine OI Oil
2. davine Liquid Spell Mouse
3. davine Definition Mist
4. davine Dry Shampoo
5. davine Hair Spray

Step 5: Moving Up and Reinstallation
After a couple of months, your extensions will need to be moved up after they have grown out. How soon you need your extensions moved up will depend on how fast your hair grows and honestly how well you take care of your hair.

before and after
Before and After!
habit hand tied extensions

Overall my experience with habit hand-tied extensions was amazing! I am so excited to get them installed again but I will of course have to wait until my hair grows a bit more.

Habit hand tied extensions
When I had the extensions taken out I went all in on cutting my hair! Risky, but so worth it.

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