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How to Push Through Setbacks and Finally Reach Your Goals

Becoming fit and healthy and then staying that way is not easy, period! In fact at times it can be mentally exhausting because of everything we face day-to-day.

We are now in February (obviously) and I’m going to venture to say that a lot of you had high hopes for the beginning of the year and what you wanted to accomplish.  This actually applies to any time of year, as we set goals for ourselves like losing weight (or whatever yours might be). We usually start off pretty strong, like all the people you see flood the gym in the new year but by about 3 weeks many of those people disappear.

Why is this?

The answer is actually pretty simple, by about 2-3 weeks into any goal you will encounter a setback of some sort.  This can come in many forms; loss of motivation, sickness, kids get sick, spouse starts traveling, work becomes more demanding, etc. For me right now I don’t have any serious fitness goals other than to maintain some sort of workout routine during pregnancy but over the last few weeks I haven’t done 1 workout!  My setbacks have been back pain, sickness, and now growing pains all of which are out of my control.

Setbacks I find usually are out of our control and maybe this is why it is so easy to get down on ourselves when they happen.  Imagine setting a goal and being on point every step of the way for weeks when suddenly you are Forced to come to a halt.  You definitely can’t workout when you are sick and if you are like me I only want to eat carbs.  Or if you have been going to the gym consistently and finally find yourself engaged with your workouts but then your spouse has to travel for work which means you can’t leave the house early in the morning anymore, that is a setback.  Whatever your setback may be it is how you handle what I call the ‘after affect’.

The ‘after affect’ is critical in maintaining what progress you made and will determine your long-term success.  If you have been forced away from the gym for a week how quickly you get back to the gym matters.  Let’s say you had to travel all week for work, you get back on Friday or Saturday, then without question you should be back in the gym on Monday!  Best case scenario is you found a way to workout while you were out of town and then as soon as you got back you high tailed it to the gym!

This applies to your diet as well, if you started a new diet but encountered a setback then how quickly you jump back on that diet will determine your success as well.  Whether it be workouts or diet it is ultimately your decision whether you get back on the road to success. There will always be detours and we have to learn to be flexible with our goals otherwise we end up quitting.

Too often I see people encounter a setback and they never find their way back to the gym.  Life is hard, it is always going to throw crap at us that we cannot control but we can control how we move forward everyday.  As you move forward with your goals do everything you can to not use those setbacks as constant excuses.  Learn to demand more from yourself and set higher expectations because we are all capable of more than we give ourselves credit for.

So here it is folks, set your goals high…set them higher than you think you are capable of!  Then understand you will have setbacks but if you do the best you can and learn to be flexible your success will come.


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