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Diet, Run, Eat Cake….Repeat


It happens to all of us, we have certain times in our life we feel great because we’ve been dieting and exercising with consistency.  Then the diet comes to an end, you cross the finish line of the half marathon, or the competition is over and you walk away from the lights and extreme high of being in the best shape of your life.  I want this post to resonate to people from all walks of life but my point of view is from a competitor so that is what I will use.

What I don’t think trainers focus on enough is this feeling of “what now” when a diet or competition is over.  This is why I have always preached that eating right is a lifestyle and when you think of it like that you are less likely to fall back into bad habits.  I’ve seen it a hundred times clients finding excuse after excuse to have bad habits and not exercise.  The truth is life is going to throw things at us everyday and when we learn to stop making excuses eating healthy becomes a way of life.

The thing that troubles me is competitors talk endlessly back stage about what they are going to eat after the show and don’t ever seem to have a plan to deal with the difficult weeks ahead. There is little to no emphasis on what happens the weeks after a show and how to deal with the feelings that are sure to come.  Most women I know want to compete because they truly love the healthy lifestyle and want a way to challenge themselves.  Yet, why is it when everything is over so many revert to habits that don’t make them feel good?

For the most part I think most people know what they should be doing it is just a lack of action that holds them back.  You know you should eat protein, you know you should order the salmon not the burger, and you know you should skip the desert but that’s not what always happens and for some it happens too often.  I don’t have the magic answer to all of this but I know that it starts with desire.  Either you want to live and eat healthy or you really don’t.  If you sit back and think what you really want in life then you need be honest with yourself on how you intend to get it.

For me, it is preparing my food in advance all year long regardless of what is going on.  I know that if I eat bread that my stomach hates me and I don’t feel good so I stay away from bread in the off season.  There are steps you can take whether you just stepped off stage or if you are coming off the Atkins diet, slowly and I mean slowly add foods in that you weren’t eating before and stay away from the excuses that lead you to eating those unhealthy foods.  If you’ve hired a competition coach make sure they have given you the tools you need to handle the diet after the show.

Now the holidays are here and I think it is safe to say that over 70% (probably more if we are being honest) use this as a time to take a ‘food vacation’.  If you are looking to compete in 2015 this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.  The off season is just as if not more important than the actual competition prep.  For others their story will lead them to the usual New Year resolution to lose the holiday weight and finally get in shape.  Instead lets make a promise to ourselves tha we will treat our bodies kindly all year no matter what.   That we will teach our children what good eating really is and why exercise is so important to living healthy.

I hope that this does not come off as a rant and that you can take away a point or two that will help you on your journey, whatever that may be.

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