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How do we stay positive with everything that life throws at us?  The truth is it isn’t easy and our mindset plays a large role in the goals we set and the goals we achieve.  We are the product of our genetics but sociocultural factors play a large part as well and to a certain degree I think they are far more important.

How you choose to think and the people you choose to hang around have a large impact on the kind of person you are and/or will become.   Above all the belief you have in yourself  and the faith you have for achieving your goals is ultimately the key.  Faith, positivity, and love are what I believe to be the 3 most important aspects to achieving goals.   First you must have faith that you can achieve them, then you need to remain positive above everything, and you must have a strong support system.

As humans we are creatures of habit and so we become what we repeatedly do.  However, creating new habits can be incredibly difficult if one of the three keys above are missing.  When we try to balance too much on our plate  thinking positively becomes increasingly difficult because we feel like we failed at something that was important to us.

I will give you an example that might help to illustrate my point about mindset.  My most recent goal was to step on stage October 4th in Omaha but my back pain had increased to a point that I could no longer ignore it.  So, I made the difficult decision to pull out (something I have never had to do before) and for a few days I was pretty upset.  Then I realized that the end goal doesn’t change just the date and so I altered my game plan and really looked at how I was viewing the situation.

Things may not turn out the way you want them to but how you look at things now will greatly affect how things turn out in the future.  Keeping your faith and a positive outlook are powerful tools to achieving your goals, never underestimate how much power they have on what happens in your life.

Here are 3 things that could improve your week:

1)Wake up each morning and read several positive affirmation that mean the most to you.

2)Write down all your goals and carry them with you always.

3)Whenever you feel a negative thought coming into your brain, shut it down immediately and say something good about yourself.

**This might sound cheesy but you will be amazed at the amount of negativity that can creep in there. Everyday we are surrounded by a culture that expects perfection, but we should only be competing with ourselves.

I would love to hear others thoughts on this subject so please feel free to email me or post a comment!






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