Enjoy The Journey….The Destination is the Same for All of Us

Sticking with a healthy lifestyle is a challenging process that takes dedication, consistency, and the constant search for inspiration. It is this constant search that compelled me to write a blog in hopes of helping someone along their journey. I am always looking for my next source of inspiration to keep me going and keep me strong, some days this is harder than others, but today something wonderful happened.
As I was leaving the gym I ran into a friend who gave me one of those compliments that make you feel like everything you do is for a reason. We started talking about my competition the previous weekend and how I placed (15th in Novice and 12th in Open), not how I had hoped but I walked away from that show feeling amazing. She wondered why I didn’t post more about my training and pictures of the show because she has been following my journey and believe it or not reading my blog! Knowing that my fitness posts have served as an inspiration for somebody else is something I consider priceless, so thank you!!
So why did I walk away from my last show feeling amazing you ask? Well, it is simply because I am working on enjoying the journey more and trying to live in the moment. There was a few minutes back stage when I stopped to pause and really soak in what was going on and I did the same thing when I was on stage. It’s not about the judges, it is about being the best me possible and passing inspiration on to anyone who needs it.
When we were done talking I did promise that I would post more of my journey and that is what I intend to do. I will post more of my workouts and what my diet looks like on a daily basis. If there is anything else you are interested in or if you have any questions for me please feel free to email me or message me on Facebook.

Here is today’s Shoulder and Ab Workout:
*Everything is as heavy as possible.
**4 Warm Up sets are performed before anything.
Machine Shoulder Press 4 x 10
DB Upright Row 3 x 10
Cable Rope Rear Delt Pull 3 x 12
Super set w/Bent Over Rear Delt Cable Flye 3 x 10
Rear Delt Row using lat pulldown 3 x 10
Side Lateral Raise Drop Set 3 x 10,10,10 (15lb, 10lb, 5lb)
Roman Chair Leg Raises 3 x 15
Decline Crunches 3 x 12
Bicycle Crunches 3 x 40
SB Pike 3 x 10
Ab Machine 90lb 4 x 20
Handstand Hold 4 x 30 seconds

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