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I’m Lauren Kennedy

Before you go any further let me introduce myself, I’m a teacher, leadership guru, goal obsessed, crazy hair changer who is determined to change the way Organizations show up for their employees. 

You see, I believe everyone deserves a great leader and a company that values their voice, recognizes their work, and helps them reach their goals inside and outside of work. It’s really not that hard, I promise!

Here’s the secret, focus on your people and equip your leaders. Those two things will give your business a competitive edge. In my former years as a personal trainer I had the opportunity to witness true transformation. My clients thrived because we focused on what they needed, what their goals were, and we had a clear direction of where we were going at all times.

Your employees need the same, an individual focus with their personality and goals in mind. They need professional growth and leaders who can help them get there.

How do I help you and your organization do this?

  • Align Goals
  • Transform Managers into Leaders
  • Create, Identify, & Close Gaps in Learning Programs
  • Stop Facilitating – Start Personal ‘Training’
  • Increase Engagement and Psychological Safety.

Just getting those goals down!
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